Smart prep with most qualified and skilled tutor’s team is leaving no stone unturned to help its students achieve highest grades.

With the help of our highly qualified and professional tutor’s team who are PhDs in Bio Science, MBBS Professional Doctor, Masters in English Language and Literature, Asst Professors of Psychology in top universities, we achieved our goal to bring out the best from our students and help them to attain the maximum at each level. Unlike the traditional approach of tutoring, we always emphasized providing the high level of teaching concepts. Well prepared lessons effectively presented and explained topics made it possible for our students to share their success with flying colors.

Iain McGinley

English Language and Literature Tutor , Graduated from the University of Chichester with a degree in English and Creative Writing,

Simon Bernham

Straight A grades for GCSE and A level. 2.1 degrees in History at Kings college London. Elite Russell group uni

Mr Enrico

A level; Geography and English as majors. Degrees; specialisation: International Hospitality & Tourism Management (B.A. Business Management, UK;  Diploma in International Business Administration, Germany;

Patricia Martin

Native German , Completed studies German/History (BA) Hons 2.1 and PGCE (Modern Languages/History) at Queen’s University Belfast

Miss Isha

Psychology student at Queen Mary, University of London. Her teaching style focuses on exam technique so that students not only have a strong understanding of concepts but also know how to show their skills in an exam setting.

Mrs Saeed

Holding Masters Degree in Public Administration Mrs Saeed has over 10 years of experience in educating and tutoring all level of students .  As a hands on exposure with top academics combines her knowledge of administration to provide excellent learning and training materials and visual aids for students.